Kullar Match Paint Spray

Kullar Match Spray Paint

Kullar Spray Paint

It's the Kullar that counts!

Kullar is a new and exciting range of colour matched spray paint.  It is ideal for a wide range of applications and available in both single cans and large quantities if required.  The large 400ml high pressure cans have adjustable nozzles to get that perfect finish every time.

The colour match spray paint is individually produced in quality and colour.  By taking care of the specific application procedures of each product, high quality surface finishes equal to the product features will be achieved.

Colours mixed to major colour ranges BS, RAL, NCS, PANTINE.  Vehicle paint codes, fleet colours, plant & industrial colours or even colour matched when necessary.

Specialist coatings in aerosol cans

Primers - anticorrosive, epoxy, fast drying, high build.

Topcoats - acrylic, cellulose, epoxy, synthetic (in gloss, satin or matt).

Direct Adhesion to glass, metal, plastics and wood.

Metallic basecoats - solvent, waterbased.