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3M Ultrafina Polishing Pads Blue 2 Pack (50388)

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SKU: 3M50388

Polishing mophead 3M Ultrafina Polishing Pads (Blue) For use with 50388 Ultrafina SE Polish

SKU: 3M50388

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For all paint including hard and scratch resistant Market leading compounds and polishes Optimum high gloss and holygram removal. Product Details Our 3M Perfect-It Ultrafine Polishing Pad helps to eliminate swirl marks on painted surfaces, even on difficult dark colored cars. Featuring a unique waffle face design that holds liquid polish, this pad applies polish evenly without releasing excess polish that may cause ripples in the finish. For an exceptional finish, and no unsightly swirl marks or holograms, use 3M Perfect?It Ultrafine Polishing Pad. We've designed our soft fine pore pad to evenly distribute polish and efficiently remove swirl marks on painted surfaces, even on difficult, dark coloured cars. Use with 3M Ultrafine Machine Polish and ideally with Quick Connect Adaptor (depending on pads choosen). Our soft blue foam polishing pad is part of our award winning next generation colour coded range. It's designed to help achieve an exceptional finish. Cleaning up is fast and efficient, too. Available in blue, sizes: 75 mm, 150mm or 216mm. Get a high gloss shine on dark coloured paint finishes Used to help eliminate swirl marks and apply high gloss finishes Waffle face provides sufficient contact surface while holding polish well Ideal to work with 3M Perfect-It Ultrafina SE Suggested Applications Use to eliminate swirl marks on painted surfaces, especially on dark coloured cars
SKU: 3M50388
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Brand 3M
Size 150mm - 6"
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