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Lechler Macrofan Plus UHS Lacquer/Clearcoat 4 Litres (MC421)

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SKU: L0MC0421L4

Lechler Macrofan Plus ultra high solid Clearcoat/lacquer 4L

SKU: L0MC0421L4

Abacus AP

Ultra high solid two-pack acrylic clearcoat with excellent aesthetical aspect and versatile use.

Clearcoat for high quality two-coat metallic, mica/pearl and solid colour finishing, designed for touch-ups, partial and complete repair in car refinishing.

Easy use and application
Wide-ranging use
Fast drying
Very good aesthetical aspect and gloss
Very good weather resistance
Good polishing

SKU: L0MC0421L4
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Brand Kullar/Lechler
Size 4 Litre
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