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Macrofan Autolevel Plastic Activator/Hardener 1 Litre (MT300)

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Macrofan Autolevel Plastic Activator 1L


Abacus AP

2K polyacrylic high solid self-levelling primer/filler available in 3 colours MF302 White, MF306 Light Grey and MF310 Black.

As a primer in a wet on wet system with direct adhesion on cathodic coated and plastic substrates in the motor vehicle repair market;directly overcoatable without sanding (w/w up to 5 days) with refinish topcoats. Especially suitable for sealing new parts already primed with a cathodic coating andfor all plastic substrates. As a sealerina higher build mode fordry-on-dry systems.

- Any grey shade (from white to black) of the primer/filler can be obtained, thus helping the topcoat coverage and matching the colours of the primers used in O.E.M.PRIMER (w/w)
- Easy application and good vertical stability
- Excellent flow in w/w systems
- Excellent adhesion on the main substrates used on motor vehicles
- Excellent overcoating up toa maximum 5 days without sanding
- Fast drying
- Anticorrosive power for small areas (it contains active pigments)
- Fairly good filling power in d/d system
- Good sanding
- Good sealing power on critical, solvent-sensitive substrates
- It can be used as an adhesion promoter for all plastics used in the car field in combination with the dedicated hardener and activator.

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Brand Kullar/Lechler
Size 1 Litre
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